What is Robotic Trading?

A More Satisfying Way to Save and Invest!

Until now, if you wanted to invest in the stock market, you had only four choices:

  • Turn your investing over to an advisor who would make recommendations but leave the decisions up to you.
  • Place your trades yourself through a broker without the assistance of an advisor.
  • Learn about markets and technical indicators and how to use a complicated trading software program, place your own trades and start buying NFT.
  • Invest in mutual funds.

All of these involve considerable risk and/or require you to learn more than you ever wanted to know about markets and trading.

Now there’s an alternative: robotic trading. A trading robot is a computer-based platform that makes trades for you based on sophisticated rules that guide its decisions to place a trade or to close that trade. It relieves you of the need to learn complicated concepts and technologies.

But robotic traders are only as good as the rules that guide their trading decisions. That’s why it’s important to select a robotic trader that is fully automatic, taking all the emotion out of trading and providing a selection of winning trading strategies.

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