CoolTrade™ — The First Fully Automated Robotic Trader!

CoolTrade™ was developed over a 12-year period of time with the assistance of over 10,000 beta testers. It now has over 21,000 subscribers in over 40 countries. User satisfaction is an outstanding 97.5%, with many users reporting returns on their investments of 3% to 5% PER MONTH! *

The robotic trading power of CoolTrade™:

  • Intelligently trades the market on its own.
  • Protects profits during market reversals.
  • Maximizes profits during market advances.
  • Comes pre-loaded with the most popular short and long trading strategies.
  • Allows you to download and run successful strategies from other subscribers.

Available with the following brokers and others:

E Trade

MB Trading

Options House

TD Ameritrade


CoolTrade™ is distributed by RoboticReturns™ . To learn more about how CoolTrade™ and RoboticReturns™ can help you maximize your investment and retirement savings, click here, or to hear more about the CoolTrade™ story, click here ...

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CoolTrade Inc, Robotic Returns Corp, and do not provide securities strategy recommendations or buy, sell or hold recommendations. Be aware that historical trading performance does not guarantee future trading results. CoolTrade Inc, Robotic Returns Corp, and, on behalf of themselves and their affiliates, employees, representatives and agents expressly disclaim responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information provided, and make no representations or guarantees about its accuracy or completeness. 

CoolTrade™ subscriptions include popular pre-loaded trading strategies that have been contributed by other subscribers. Their inclusion is for convenience to new users for education and trading simulation, and should not be construed as recommendations or advice. You should consult your licensed financial advisor to determine if the CoolTrade™ platform and/or simulation strategies are suitable for you before you take any action based on the information provided, or before using any pre-loaded training strategies for live trading.